Role Of Women In Medieval Indian Politics

Poonam Pant

ISBN: 9788193019009, 8193019008

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Title: Role Of Women In Medieval Indian Politics

Author: Poonam Pant

ISBN 13: 9788193019009

ISBN 10: 8193019008

Year: 2015

Language: English

Pages etc.: 272p., demi

Binding: Hardbound

Aayu Publications

The candidate has successfully attempted to project effectively the role of women in the early Turkish period, under the Khilji’s and under the Mughal emperors from Babur to Jahangir. The role of Shah Turkan and Raziya in the background of initial simmering political discontent leading to major political consequences in the court politics have been assessed with necessary details. The contribution of women in court politics from Khilji to Lodi rule has been properly analysed, the position of women of Sharqi dynasty in politics has been examined throwing fresh light on the existing political development and cultural life of the region. Professor S.N. Sinha Jamia Millia University, Delhi It appears that during the period from Babur to Akbar, the role of royal women became more prominent as explained in chapter three. The high water mark of influence of royal women was reached in the reign of Jahangir with Nurjahan often directing the imperial politics as delineated in chapter four. The fifth chapter deals with royal harem which by and large acted as a centre of manipulation and intrigues in politics. Professor B.S. Mathur Motilal Sukhadia University, Udaipur

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