Inter- State And International Relations In Ancient India

S.K. Srivastava

ISBN: 9788193019023, 8193019024

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Title: Inter- State And International Relations In Ancient India

Author: S.K. Srivastava

ISBN 13: 9788193019023

ISBN 10: 8193019024

Year: 2015

Language: English

Pages etc.: 300p,demi

Binding: Hardbound

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´╗┐This is a strikingly work in the field of untouched sphere of Ancient Indian History. Political, economic, social and religious aspects of Ancient India have been discussed and studied by various authors. Like H.G. Rawlinson, H.L. Chatterjee, N.N. Law, S.K. Das, H. Trivedi, S.K. Maity etc. but every aspect of the title has not yet been focused. The present work is a full fledged study of Interstate and International Relation in Ancient India during the periods of the Mauryas and the Guptas. The relations established by the imperial Mauryas and the Guptas in India beyond the territories of the both empires with independent states of India have been termed as Interstate Relations. Each and every types of such relations as political, diplomatic, trade, cultural and their impacts have been discussed on the basis of literary and archaeological sources. International relations established during the period around and abroad India have been discussed on the basis of available literary and archaeological sources. Every kinds and aspects of International relations and its impacts in the spheres of politics, trades, industries, colonisation, cultural contacts as in literature, drama, dance, art and architecture, science and medicines, religion and war, administration and numismatics have been approached with a scientific view point and comparative study. Nature and basis of Interstate and International relations and guiding factors of the both relations have been openly and clearly discussed. I hope to book will be appreciated by the scholars.

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