Archaeological Investigations In The Polavaram,Submergence Area of Godavari Valley

Gv Ramakrishna Rao

ISBN: 9789385161094, 9385161091

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Title: Archaeological Investigations In The Polavaram,Submergence Area of Godavari Valley

Author: Gv Ramakrishna Rao

ISBN 13: 9789385161094

ISBN 10: 9385161091

Year: 2015

Language: English

Pages etc.: 186p., crown

Binding: Hardbound

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“Archaeological investigations in the Polavaram: Submergence Area of the Godavari Valley” is a well programmed research work. Based on artefactual data collected/examined in the field, the work enshrines in itself dependable and authentic data. Past the formal introduction to the work, the graphic description of the environmental setting of the region provides a natural back ground for our understanding the human cultural enterprise through the various vicissitudes of time. This background also helps us understand the responses and adjustments made by the inhabitants to keep the demand for calories within the carrying capacity of the surrounding ecological niche – thus finally maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between demand and supply of energy. For obvious reasons, the details on pre and proto historic cultural phases of the region are dotted for the scope of the present investigation itself is confined to salvage archaeology. Yet, against the work already done in the surrounding areas, the data supplied in this work span the temporal and spatial extensions of the cultures discussed. A total reconstruction of any of the individual cultural phase in the stone age succession of the area is beyond the pale of the present work. It must be mentioned here that some of the megalithic finds are rare, exotic and thought provoking, demanding further investigation. The data retrieved and presented about the early historic and medieval periods, on the present showing, is a welcome addition. The deductions made by the author are objective and scientific as well. The illustrations, the references and the other contents of the book have richly enhanced the quality of the work.

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