Buddhism In Assam,From Earliest Times to 13th century AD

Boby Das

ISBN: 9789385161131, 938516113X

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Title: Buddhism In Assam,From Earliest Times to 13th century AD

Author: Boby Das

ISBN 13: 9789385161131

ISBN 10: 938516113X

Year: 2016

Language: English

Pages etc.: 252p., crown

Binding: Hardbound

Aayu Publications

The study of socio-cultural history of pre-Ahom Assam has so far been primarily done through studies of Brahmanical elements. Scholars have paid less attention to Buddhism and Buddhist sources, in undertaking their historical researches. Buddhism in Assam from Earliest Times to 13th Century AD, fills in this gap in the socio-cultural history of ancient Assam. The focus of this study is on the different Mahayana forms that existed in pre-Ahom Assam. The book traces the beginnings and development of Buddhism in Assam. It also examines the impact of Buddhism on society and culture of pre-Ahom Assam and vice-versa, mainly in the Brahmaputra Valley. “Buddhism in Assam is a significant research field in history, but no full length monograph has so far been available on the subject. Boby Das's work which is a scholarly account of Buddhism in Assam from earliest times to the 13th century with emphasis on its impact on society and culture fills in this vacuum, in the existing literature on Northeast India. Balanced use of the sources and meticulous notes and references are indeed the hallmark of this work that is sure to inspire further research in history of ancient Assam.” Prof. J. B. Bhattacharjee “Buddhism was one of the major factors of social and cultural syncretism in ancient Assam. Boby Das has made an in-depth study of the subject using the primary and secondary sources in her book Buddhism in Assam from Earliest Times to 13th Century AD. The students and scholars of the history of ancient Assam and all others who are interested in the subject will be greatly benefitted by the book, which unfolds an untold chapter of the glorious historical and archaeological heritage of Assam.” Prof. S. Dutta

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