Human Right In India

Dr.Arun Kumar Singh

ISBN: 9789385161216, 9385161210

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Title: Human Right In India

Author: Dr.Arun Kumar Singh

ISBN 13: 9789385161216

ISBN 10: 9385161210

Year: 2016

Language: English

Pages etc.: 272p., demi

Binding: Hardbound

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´╗┐The book is a comprehensive work of author which specifically deals with the concept of Human Rights in India. In recent times Human Rights has acquired centre position in the discussions and debates dealing with legislations. The obvious reason being, the growing concern for Human Rights violation of inferiors by the superiors. In 1970s-80s world has seen the destructions caused by genocides and crimes against Humanity. The world thereafter came together to protect and promote Human Rights of the people of the world. Today various rational regional and international organizations are working in the field of Human Rights. In context of India, Human Right preservations has not gained much importance in comparison with other countries of the world, however since Independence situations has changed a lot. Our constitution provides these rights to individuals in form of Fundamental Rights. Apart from it other legislations meant for vulnerable sections impact such rights. This book can be referred as a code wherein all these scattered provisions, dealing with Human Rights have been brought together by the author comprehensively. The book is divided into ten chapters. The method which has been adopted in the present work is descriptive and analytical. However, the book is organized into ten chapters. The first chapter is the Introduction, which introduces the topic and initiates the discussions of the theme as elaborated upon in the main body of the text. The second chapter describes the meaning and concepts of human rights where the definitions given in the United Nation Document, National Statutes and by some other jurists have been discussed. The third chapter examines the human rights in the international perspective. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), various Covenants and Conventions are discussed in this chapter. And also, the evant provisions of the human rights mentioned in regional Conventions are examined. The fourth chapter is centered around the discussion on human rights in India from ancient period to the contemporary period. The issues related to human rights in connection with the police, prison, women, children, scheduled caste scheduled tribes and old lage people are highlighted in Chapters five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten respectively. It is also tried to cover maximum issues in above chapters. First two chapters are very general in nature and introduce the concept of Human Rights and its meaning. A very brief history of the concept has been traced chronologically. The rest of chapters discusses human right of vulnerable sections of Indian society. The book is a product of very good research wherein all the relevant provisions have been brought together by the author. Each chapter is organized in very systematic way covering legislative, executive and judicial approach of India in protection of human rights in India. This book will be useful for not only students of law but for Human Rights activists, lawyer, police, researchers etc. The price of the book is also genuine and affordable by everyone.

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