Sanshkritik sampada sarakshak ke chetra me Adhunik Dhristhkon

Dr. Sanjaya prasad Gupta, Dr. Atul Kumar yadav

ISBN: 9789391642105, 9391642101

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Title: Sanshkritik sampada sarakshak ke chetra me Adhunik Dhristhkon

Author: Dr. Sanjaya prasad Gupta, Dr. Atul Kumar yadav

ISBN 13: 9789391642105

ISBN 10: 9391642101

Year: 2023

Language: hindi

Pages etc.: 214Pcrown

Binding: Hardbound


In terms of ancient cultural heritage, monuments and artifacts, India is leading among the most prosperous nations of the world. It is our great responsibility to preserve this immense heritage of the country for future generations. Knowledge of cultural heritage, reasons for their destruction and measures to avoid degradation is essential for fulfilling the responsibility. Apart from natural causes, human actions also damage cultural properties. This is the first book to be written in the official language Hindi containing the various techniques and scientific maintenance of conservation and preservation of cultural properties, ancient Indian monuments and mythological artifacts. The panel picture in the presented book is according to the relevance of the topic. The purpose of the present book is to inform not only the enlightened citizens, students, experts and trainees working in the field of conservation, about the various techniques of scientific conservation and best maintenance of ancient monuments, cultural heritage as ancient cultural heritage. But through this their participation is also to be ensured. The world-wide developed communication system has brought the people of the world so close that the whole world seems to be one family i.e. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. From the point of view of cultural heritage, the borders of the country have become blurred and instead of considering them as the heritage of any particular country, they are being considered as the heritage of the whole world. For the conservation works of these cultural assets, not only financial grants are given by the world organizations to economically weaker countries, but also guidelines related to conservation works are issued in the world community to bring uniformity in the conservation works at the world level. In order to preserve the ancient Indian monuments as a cultural heritage of the countries glorious past for the coming generations, it is necessary to have a proper knowledge of the present physical condition of the ancient Indian monuments, cultural assets and artifacts, the reasons for their deterioration etc. Best preservation possible. In the presented book, the elemental knowledge of ancient Indian monuments, cultural wealth and valuable mythological artifacts, the reason for their erosion. Various methods of their treatment have been highlighted by discussing in detail all the aspects related to scientific measures and methods for their best maintenance including factors, conservation techniques and methods. Precise technical terminology, clear statement, precise language and flowing syntax style are some of the features of this book. In official language Hindi, there has been complete lack of such authentic texts on scientific subjects. An attempt has been made to fill a huge gap by composing a book in the official language Hindi for Hindi- speaking people, employees/officers serving in conservation works, including Hindi-speaking students, in post-graduate archeology courses, cultural heritage conservation technical courses and training programs. has been done.

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