The art of magic and magicians in the contemporary world

Dr.Kailash Chander Pandey

ISBN: 9789391642112, 939164211X

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Title: The art of magic and magicians in the contemporary world

Author: Dr.Kailash Chander Pandey

ISBN 13: 9789391642112

ISBN 10: 939164211X

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 300P.Crown

Binding: Hardbound


Magic today is very different from what it was hundreds of years ago. Tracing back the origin & evolution of ‘Art of Magic’, it has its roots in religion, rituals, mythologies, legends, folklore and folktales etc and is even seen in the practices of primitive man in Rock Art of pre-historic Rock Shelters. The role of supernatural power, magic and miracles are seen in most of the religions. The Vedic Literature and other Holy Scriptures give descriptions of number of supernatural powers, magic and miracles. Although the supernatural magic and miracles as mentioned in religious texts and religious practices cannot be compared with the ‘Entertaining Art of Magicians’, the modern magicians with their dexterity and practices of the craft exhibit a number of feats similar to what have been described in the mythologies, holy scriptures, legends and folklores etc. While exhibiting their feats in the form of entertainment, today they deny the work of supernatural and rather maintain the stand that scientific base & dexterity constitutes the basis. The conceptual framework for carrying out the research work was based on contemporary studies on the subject in addition to historical accounts, archival records, some of the court decisions, extensive ethnographic observations etc. The ongoing trends in terms of demographics of the practicing magicians, existing state of the profession in the light of dynamically changing technological and socio-economic environment vis-à-vis the demand and expectation pattern of different sections of the society have been elucidated. In today’s world, the Art of Magic being a healthy source of entertainment, its recreational & entertaining opportunities directly contribute to enhancement in destination appeal and enrichment of tour experience. The cultural legacy of India’s ‘Art of Magic’ which stood among the sixty-four Traditional Arts and fourteen Vidhyas (techniques) of India, today needs patronage, preservation & promotion.

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