Children of Teen Mothers:Physical, Cognitive & Behavioural Outcomes

Ramya Bhaskar and Komala, M.

ISBN: 9789391642129, 9391642128

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Title: Children of Teen Mothers:Physical, Cognitive & Behavioural Outcomes

Author: Ramya Bhaskar and Komala, M.

ISBN 13: 9789391642129

ISBN 10: 9391642128

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 114p,crown

Binding: Hardbound


Teenage pregnancy is one of the significant public health problems in today's world, even though it is a preventable condition but associated with negative sequelae for both teen mothers and their children. World Health Organization fact sheet report indicates that 16 million children are born to women under the age of 20 worldwide during the last decade. India is no different in the issue of teenage pregnancy. According to NFHS 5 data, 122,544 women i.e. 6.8% of women aged 15-19 have had a live birth (4.5%) and are pregnant with the first child (2.3%). Even though there has been a declining trend in teenage pregnancy in India, the problems associated with teen pregnancy have not been solved yet. Teenage pregnancy continues to occur within marriage, usually arranged by parents and family members. Teenage pregnancy is almost double in rural areas i.e. 9.2%, as compared to urban i.e. 5% in India. Teenage pregnancy comes with heavy baggage with a double burden which manifests itself in multiple issues related to social, economic, educational, and health aspects. It is well documented on the effects of teenage pregnancy on maternal outcomes. But less documented on child outcomes. A child of teen mothers often faces numerous risks such as pregnancy complications. low birth weight, health problems, lower IQ and academic achievement including repetition of a grade, and socio-emotional problems. Although there are variations in the findings of teenage pregnancy and its effects on child outcomes, it is observed that the effects are decided by other variables such as parenting, parental quality, and socioeconomic conditions. Nevertheless, whatever the cause may be, the long-term implication on the children's physical, cognitive and behaviors are of serious concern for research in child development. Scientific research studies play a crucial role in developing in- depth knowledge as well as developing interventions that positively affect the growth and development of children of teen mothers.

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