Ethnohistory of the Bathudi tribe

Dr. Kumarmani Nayak

ISBN: 9789391642136, 9391642136

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Title: Ethnohistory of the Bathudi tribe

Author: Dr. Kumarmani Nayak

ISBN 13: 9789391642136

ISBN 10: 9391642136

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 364p,DEMI

Binding: Hardbound


ABOUT THE BOOK The Book entitled ‘The Ethnohistory of the Bathudis of Mayurbhanj’ makes an indepth study of a major tribe of India. It is also a matter of regret that literatures on the tribes, namely Bhumij, Gond, HO, Oraon, Santal, Sabar and Sounti have been highlighted. But the tribes like Bathudi, Hill Kharia, Birhor and another least known as well as forgotten tribe Ujia have been Severely neglected due to the lack of Significant empirical study. The book is a detailed systematic study not only the Bathudis of Mayurbhanj in Odisha but also the Bathudis everywhere who consider the Simplipal Hills of Mayurbhanj as the homeland of their ancestors. It throws light on their origin, original homeland, socio-political-economy & cultural aspects. The cultural aspects pertaining to their song Changu dance, music & musical instruments mainly Changu have been highlighted. The significant of their religion and religious beliefs & the Athara Deula, the religious centre have been narrated in detail. In this book sincere attempts have been taken to bring the various aspects of the Bathudi tribe to light in simple and lucid manner to make the book worth reading. This book will be immensely beneficial for the readers and the researchers of the coming generation.

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