V.V.S. Manian

ISBN: 9789391642143, 9391642144

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Title: SAINTS OF INDIA part- i

Author: V.V.S. Manian

ISBN 13: 9789391642143

ISBN 10: 9391642144

Year: 2024

Language: English

Pages etc.: 336pCrown

Binding: Hardbound


From time immemorial, India has been the birthplace of religion and culture. Bharat Mata is home to hundreds of Rishis, Sages and Gurus who continuously nurtured the spiritual legacy of this land with valuable scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita. The epics Mahabharata and Ramayana have been wellsprings of ethics and philosophy, often guiding rulers in their duties. The Upanishads and millions of shlokas have kept alive our faith and belief in God. India’s culture of devotion and religiosity has survived though the ages due to the undaunted and uninterrupted contribution of great saints, god-men, philosophers, composers, sculptures and painters. This volume takes the reader through the lives of 70 such immortals who have made a significant impact in the spread of knowledge, wisdom and bakthi. The Saints of India is a collection of biographies written by V.V.S. Manian, who has vast exposure to Indian philosophy and spirituality. This book written in a simple style with quotes, anecdotes and mythological stories that will take the reader on an interesting and impressive journey through the mighty minds of our eternal saints.

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