V.V.S. Manian

ISBN: 9789391685263, 9391685269

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Author: V.V.S. Manian

ISBN 13: 9789391685263

ISBN 10: 9391685269

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 150p,CROWN

Binding: Hardbound

Aayu Publications

In this first edition, V.V.S.Manian offers music lovers a biographical sketch of 42 composers and musicians. These great composers were fascinating characters who lived simple lives but created wonders and cemented their legacies for the ages. Some lived in poverty, but their minds were rich and fertile in creativity and bhakthi, which led to a free flow of evergreen compositions. In this book the author discusses the lives and works of legendary musicians like Thyagaraja, Shyama Shastri and Dikshitar, while also including a few modern greats. The presentation is rich in detail, with anecdotes and in-depth meanings of some of their best compositions. The edition has deviated from the traditional presentation in the sense that first volume is devoted to composers who mastered the art of blending lyrics with suitable and rare ragas. Each composer is responsible for valuable contributions to the repertoire of classical music and ensuring its survival through the centuries. The lives and works of 42 of the greatest composers are profiled here. With colour and black photographs, kritans, and anecdotes, this book is a delight for musical lovers and those who want to learn about Indian composers.

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