Large Dams and Displacement: Issues In India

Dr. Naga Raju Chikkala Dr. K. Anil Kumar

ISBN: 9789391685270, 9391685277

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Title: Large Dams and Displacement: Issues In India

Author: Dr. Naga Raju Chikkala Dr. K. Anil Kumar

ISBN 13: 9789391685270

ISBN 10: 9391685277

Year: 2023

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: 297p,Crown

Binding: Hardbound

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About the Book When the Nations of the World are competing among themselves for ‘development’whatever might that mean, there is a rat-race for development. Since the industrial revolution began, there is unhindered craze among nations for natural resource extraction,urban renewal, infrastructure development like highways, bridges, irrigation canals, construction of huge dams, etc. The natural consequence is forceful displacement of common people, whose number is post-independent India is estimated to be 60-65 million with an average of one million people displaced per annum. A recent estimate suggests that at least 55% of those displaced across India are tribal people. The argument over development and tribal displacement has gotten a lot more attention recently, thus,the present book is absolutely timely and urgent, looking at the problems of displaced populations, mostly tribals, due to the much controversial Polavaram Mega-Dam Project,otherwise named as Indira Sagar Project, in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The book's main focus is on the issues related to how compensation and resettlement are allocated in such projects. The book also emphasises the experiences of dam-induced displacement in India as examples. The discrimination that displaced persons had to endure in order to benefit from policies was also graphically described in the book. Additionally, the book highlighted vividly about the displaced people had to face discrimination of getting benefits of the policies. The book would be beneficial and useful for academics, social science students, UPSC candidates, administrators, NGOs, and decision-makers in public policy.

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