Intoxicating Beverages The Hill Bonda Tribe

Dr.R.P. Mohanty

ISBN: 9789391685348, 939168534X

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Title: Intoxicating Beverages The Hill Bonda Tribe

Author: Dr.R.P. Mohanty

ISBN 13: 9789391685348

ISBN 10: 939168534X

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 125PDEMI

Binding: Hardbound

Aayu Publications

In the recent times this piece of study is first of its kind .It describes on the traditional techniques and the knowledge base of the Bonda highlanders , an allopatric primitive tribal community of the state of Odisha, India, on preparation of different kinds of intoxicating beverages, their uses , rules and norms , taboos , preservation methods etc . It includes a total number of eight chapters and one can learn about the age-old cultural , social , religious, economic particulars on plant exudations , distilled wines and country beers . Since this community is considered as one of the most primitive or particularly vulnerable tribal groups as per their techno-economic, techno-linguistic, educational, cultural , geographical, environmental and other such characteristics , it would certainly be very interesting for the academicians and the researchers of Anthropology. It would also be very useful for the policymakers, administrators and all those who are interested in this type of studies.

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