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Prachine Bharat Me Jatiyo Ki Samajik Gatisheelta

Anuradha Vinayak

ISBN: 9788193019016, 8193019016


Inter- State And International Relations In Ancient India

S.K. Srivastava

ISBN: 9788193019023, 8193019024

This is a strikingly work in the field of untouched sphere of Ancient Indian History. Political, economic, social and religious aspects of Ancient India have been discussed and studied by various ...


Excavation At Charda


ISBN: 9788193019030, 8193019032


Kamtapur An Unexplored History Of Eastern India (650-1498)

Sailendeb Nath

ISBN: 9788193019078, 8193019075

Kamatapur: An Unexplored History of Eastern India (650-1498)’ is the first book and first writing on the History of Kamatapur (Kamta kingdom) and on Kamatapur. As it is the first effort to bind ...


Mancha A Folk Theatre Of Malwa (Central India)

Niranjan Mahavar

ISBN: 9788193019085, 8193019083

Mancha is a Folk theatre form of central India, specially of Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. The theatre belongs to Bhagat genre like some other theatre forms such as Nautanki, Swang or saung and ...


Archaeology of Odisha and Paramananda Acharya

Dr.Jayanti Rath

ISBN: 9788193945001, 819394500X


A Study of Sustainble Ethno--Eco Tourism

Dr.Sanjay SINGH

ISBN: 9788193945018, 8193945018


Jainism At Sirpur

A.K. Sharma

ISBN: 9789385161001, 9385161008

Sirpur was excavated by the author from 2000 to 2012. Apart from Vaisnav and Buddhist remains the site has also yielded Jain structures and sculptures dating back right for 6th century BC. onwards...


History Of The Art Of Orissa

AkhayaKumar Mishra

ISBN: 9789385161032, 9385161032

Odisha has a rich and unique heritage of art traditions beginning from the sophisticated temple sculpture to folk arts. It is famous for its magnificent and majestic temples. The kings of differen...


Excavation In Chhattisgarh

A.K.Pradhan & Shiva Kant Bajpay

ISBN: 9789385161063, 9385161067

This book contains the result of archaeological excavations conducted in Chhattisgarh. It deals about the important antiquities, cultural sequence and their critical analysis which are retrieved f...


Archaeological Investigations In The Polavaram,Submergence Area of Godavari Valley

Gv Ramakrishna Rao

ISBN: 9789385161094, 9385161091

“Archaeological investigations in the Polavaram submergence Area of the Godavari Valley” is a well programmed research work. Based on artefactul data collected / examined in the field, the wor...


Buddhism In Assam,From Earliest Times to 13th century AD

Boby Das

ISBN: 9789385161131, 938516113X

The socio-cultural History of pre-Ahom Assam has so far been primarily the studies of Brahmanical elements. The writers have paid less attention to Buddhism and on the Buddhist sources in undertak...


Promoting Heritage Tourism,Issues and challengess


ISBN: 9789385161148, 9385161148

This volume of twenty-one papers by galaxy of scholars contributes on various aspects of promoting heritage Tourism: issues and challenges as, heritage Tourism and its impact on community; brand m...


Recent Researches On The Tribes Of Central India (2Vol.)

Byomkesh Tripathi,Basanta kumar Mohanta

India is the home to large number of indigenous people, who are still untouched by the lifestyle of the modern world. With more than 84.4 million, India has the largest population of the tribal pe...


Mountain And Mountaineering

Chanderdas Nath,AMA

ISBN: 9789385161247, 9385161245

Few mountain systems in the world have so profoundly influenced the psyche of people as the Himalayas have done ours. Like all mountains a certain uniformity of cultural patterns can be seen here ...


Mahisasuramardini The Great Warrior Goddess


ISBN: 9789385161285, 9385161288

Mahiṣāsuramardinī is one of the manifestations of Śakti. She is the most ferocious and popular goddess of the Hindu pantheon. As a war-goddess her primary function is to combat Mahiṣāsura,...


Attributes Of Culture,Reflection of Cultural Itineraries from a Multi-Cultural Nation

Amitabha Sarkar,samira dasgupta,nabhakumar duary

ISBN: 9789385161315, 9385161318

India has a rich cultural heritage. Culture embodies the ideas and norms of a group. It is the sum-total of its ideal patterns and norms of behavior. Culture fulfills those ethical and social need...


The Partition Of India (For 2 Vols Set)


ISBN: 9789385161339, 9385161334

With the British Rule coming to a close, India became Independent in 1947. Along with becoming free India was partitioned with Muslim majority areas becoming Pakistan and Hindu majority areas beco...


Ecotourism A Strategy For Poverty Alleviation And Growth In Meghalaya

Madhuchhanda Das Gupta,Haimanti Choudhury

ISBN: 9789385161346, 9385161342

EcoTourism has assumed significant importance today and is the fastest growing segment in the Tourism industry. It is a highly labour intensive industry offering a number of jobs that do not requi...


Ecofriendly Approach For Conservation Of Cultural Heritage

Dr.Sanjay Prasad Gupta

ISBN: 9789385161353, 9385161350

Bio-deterioration of stone works is mainly due to bio-film formation, bio-corrosion caused by organic and inorganic acids, redox processes on cations from the mineral lattice and physical penetrat...

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