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Ecotourism A Strategy For Poverty Alleviation And Growth In Meghalaya

Madhuchhanda Das Gupta,Haimanti Choudhury

ISBN: 9789385161346, 9385161342

EcoTourism has assumed significant importance today and is the fastest growing segment in the Tourism industry. It is a highly labour intensive industry offering a number of jobs that do not requi...


Ecofriendly Approach For Conservation Of Cultural Heritage

Dr.Sanjay Prasad Gupta

ISBN: 9789385161353, 9385161350

Bio-deterioration of stone works is mainly due to bio-film formation, bio-corrosion caused by organic and inorganic acids, redox processes on cations from the mineral lattice and physical penetrat...


Temple Sculptures Of Assam

Meghali Goswami,Dr.Mousumi Deka

ISBN: 9789385161568, 9385161563

The book presents a comprehensive and critical study regarding the ancient temple sculptures of Assam. The complete work focus upon the aesthetic as well as the historical aspects of the temple sc...


Epicgraphic Of Sirpur


ISBN: 9789385161599, 9385161598

The book contains complete account of all the inscriptions discovered so far at and about Sirpur so that the scholars can get all the material at one place. Right from Shri Lochan Prasad Pandey, D...


Unfolding Archaeology

Dilip Kumar Khamari

ISBN: 9789385161636, 9385161636

The exploration carried out on the right bank of river Daya in Distt. Khurda Odisha covering 112 locations has unfolded new facets of archaeology in the region. The habitations on the river valley...


Mycological Study and Scientific Conservation of HISTORICAL MONUMENTS

Sanjay Prasad Gupta

ISBN: 9789385161650, 9385161652


Historical Lndmark & Central Eastern India


ISBN: 9789385161957, 9385161954

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