Archaeology of North-East India (A Study on Mizoram)

Dr. Sujeet Nayan

ISBN: 9789389381153, 9389381150

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Title: Archaeology of North-East India (A Study on Mizoram)

Author: Dr. Sujeet Nayan

ISBN 13: 9789389381153

ISBN 10: 9389381150

Year: 2021

Language: english

Pages etc.: 455pA4 size

Binding: Hardbound

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The book ‘Archaeology of Northeastern India’ is a prolific endeavor to envisage and illuminate the composite cultural history of this region based on recent archaeological excavations and scientific study of available data. It is a comprehensive work that presents vivid facts of the culture of northeastern India with its historical perspective and prospect for wide range of archaeological exploration in future. The objective of this work is scientific reconstruction of the past based on comparative and critical study of the heritages of the seven northeastern states of India with focus on recent discoveries made in Mizoram. In fact, it is an ethno-archaeological study on cultural diversity of northeastern states of India that brings to fore latest report on DNA/genetic study that exposes the colonial conspiracy of narrativising the false notion of the foreign origin of northeastern Indian states. Especially the archaeological explorations in and around Champhai and excavations of Vangchhia has been comprehensively elucidated in this book with archaeological paradigms; its established scientific carbon dating and above all mitochondrial DNA analysis. In fact, this book establishes the fact that there is underlying cultural, historic and most significantly genetic unity of the northeastern states with rest of India since time memorial.

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