Periya Puranam

V.V.S. Manian Dr. Nartana Karthikeyan

ISBN: 9789391685140, 9391685145

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Title: Periya Puranam

Author: V.V.S. Manian Dr. Nartana Karthikeyan

ISBN 13: 9789391685140

ISBN 10: 9391685145

Year: 2022

Language: English

Pages etc.: 308p. Crown

Binding: Hardbound

Aayu Publications

The Periya Puranam is a part of the large corpus of Shaiva canonical works. It was compiled by Sekkizhar, who was both poet and the Chief Minister in the court of the Chola King, Kulothunga II or AnabhayaCholan. The king himself was a staunch devotee of Lord Nataraja at Chidambaram. As minister Sekkizhar had complete access to information on the lives of the Shaivite saints or Nayanmars. Sekkizhar used the data and put together the Periya Puranam. The epic was written in the Thousand Pillared Hall of the Chidambaram temple. Sekkizhar proved to be the best choice, as he was noted for his literary expressions and neutrality while interpreting sayings. His devotion to Lord Shiva and the 63 Nayanmars, was unparalleled and unquestionable. This book is a prose version of the lives of the 63 saints. It is a wonderful source for Tamilians & non-Tamilians alike seeking to know more about Shaivite saints & the meaning of devotion. The Periya Puranam is considered so great a work, that the introduction was supposedly given by Lord Shiva himself. Called “Ullagellam”, it goes as follows: “It is nectar that will give you the immortal love, drink it It is a perennial river of love that will make the lands of your mind fertile, irrigate with it It is an ocean that will get you pearl heaps of coveted qualities, dwell in it It is a sharp sword that will cut off the bonds to make you feel the bliss of freedom, hold it strong It is a teacher that tells morals of life; make yourself a rock of discipline It is a historical information resource: develop your knowledge with that (Shivamayam).” This book is a labour of love and we hope the English translation fills you with positive vibrations and an understanding of the greatness of Lord Shiva.

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