Socio-Cultural Life of the Kolha Tribe

Minati Hansda

ISBN: 9789391685287, 9391685285

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Title: Socio-Cultural Life of the Kolha Tribe

Author: Minati Hansda

ISBN 13: 9789391685287

ISBN 10: 9391685285

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 290P.DEMI

Binding: Hardbound

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The eastern India in general and the state of Odisha in particular is very rich in tribal culture heritage.The highest number tribal group of the country is found in this state and the highest number of tribal groups of the state are residing in this present study region of Odisha. These tribal groups are separated from one another on the basis of their socio-cultural life,subsistence pattern,physical features,etc.The Kolhas is one of the important tribal groups who are mainly residing in the greater Chhotanagpur plateau region of eastern India, covering the areas of northernOdisha, southernJharkhand,and western part of the West Bengal.The area of their residence is named as “Kolhan” due to their dominance in this area. These people are known for their unique and very simple socio-cultural practices, that attracted the anthropologists and other social scientists. Since, during post-independence time a huge mining activity has started and numerous industries are set up in this area, a major change has been occurred on the traditional the socio-cultural and economic life of the tribal people of the region and the Kolhas is not an exception of it.Although, there are some work have already been made on the various aspects of the socio-cultural life of the Kolha tribe of Jharkhand but a limited reference is available on this aspect of the OdishanKolhas. Hence, this present book “Socio-Cultural Life of the Kolha Tribe (Eastern India)” is a kind of pioneering works on the Kolha tribe of Odisha, from a historical perspective based on the intensive research by a local tribal scholar, where a flashlight has been given on various aspects of the society and culture, including the myths,folktales,songs,religion,language,family,marriage,economic practices and the impacts of various agencies on these cultural features. Besides the policy makers and planners working in the various areas of regional development, ministries, industries etc., this book will also be helpful for the students, scholars, teachers of various subjects, like anthropology, sociology, history, economics, religion studies, regional studies, culture studies, tribal studies etc as well as person having interest on it.

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