SOCIOLINGUISTICS An Introduction to Language and Society

Dr. Mamata Mahanty

ISBN: 9789391642167, 9391642160

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Title: SOCIOLINGUISTICS An Introduction to Language and Society

Author: Dr. Mamata Mahanty

ISBN 13: 9789391642167

ISBN 10: 9391642160

Year: 2023

Language: English

Pages etc.: 110Page DEMI

The book aimed to help the young generation with English as a way of communication for success their careers. The book has been designed with Communicative English, Linguists and techniques of Communication with Phonetic rules. Simple presentation and use of examples will help all in mastering English. It provides the role of phonetics and phonology and the place of English in society. It also describes about Semantics, Phonology and Phonological analysis of a sentence, Role and Functions of Organs of Speech, Dipthongs, Tripthongs, Vowels, Consonants, Prefix and Suffix, Indianisation, Intonation and Language Negation. All possible efforts have been made to enhance the usefulness of the Book.

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